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You can help those affected by the fire by making a donation via the British Red Cross here.

Grenfell Tower Tragedy

Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, the Golborne Forum Festival committee met to consider the plans for the Golborne Festival on 9 July this year. It was agreed that we will go ahead with this music festival and community event.

This is a celebration which brings together all our community and is aimed at adults and children from across Golborne, North Kensington and wider afield. The strength of the area has been dramatically demonstrated by the selfless actions of our emergency services and notably by the voluntary response by so many people - not only in North Kensington but across London and around the world.

It will not diminish the grief and sadness felt by so many who have lost family, friends and acquaintances but it will allow us to come together in the spirit of community which is now even more a trade mark of Golborne and North Kensington.

If you can volunteer some of your time to help on Sunday 9 July anytime between 8am and 7pm please contact Keith Stirling at wkstirling@btinternet.com. Meet at the corner of Golborne Road and Portobello Road. You will be welcome.

Best wishes
Roger Roberts
Chair, Golborne Forum